BacoMania Hits Israel As Jews & Muslims Cook Pork Dishes

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To say that the effort to successfully release and sell a pork cookbook in Israel is at the very least a challenge to a vast number of social and sacred taboos, is much more than a mere understatement. However, those people with a taste for religious history know from their study and personal life experience; that sometimes mysteries and miracles do in fact; occur … and many people living in the what is commonly referred to as Holy Land can think of no better term or description for what is happening today.

A renowned and respected Israeli cardiologist, Dr. Eli Landau, has successfully written and sold several copies of his increasingly popular pork cookbook called “The White Book,” in reference to pork being commonly referred to as “The White Meat!” Jews, Muslims and others who secretly love bacon are absolutely thrilled.

My attention was first drawn to the event when I was researching Dr. Landau’s recipe for a bacon frittata and soon discovered that the recipe was coming from … of all places, an Israeli cookbook!

Touted throughout the media as the first Israeli pork cookbook, this collection of culinary creativity includes 80 recipes, mostly Mediterranean Eastern European dishes. However, what is most unique about this Israeli cookbook is the fact that it suggests several pork based recipes and explains the currently secretive history and nature of pork, for those cooks who have never prepared it and in most cases, have never even tasted it before.

 Israel has had laws restricting the sale of pork and banning its farm production in strict adherence to biblical proscriptions since the mid 1950’s, but certain legal loopholes make it possible to raise pigs for science or in areas that are considered Christian. This has been a delicious “glitch” in the regularly strict and stringent pork laws professed and followed by the vast majority of Jews and Muslims in the country.


So, with a twist of fate, less orthodox sects of Jews and Muslims, as well as their more secular brethren, along with many Christian Arabs and immigrant workers from Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union who don’t keep kosher, are able to get hold of ham, bacon and sausage, etc.

 Still, pork is often seen by many Israelis as an affront to Jewish nationalism. Pork sellers routinely face protesters, and in recent years, arsonists have attacked shops in cities like Netanya and Safed, where Orthodox Jews live near secular immigrant communities.

Now brave Dr. Landau, a 61-year-old retired cardiologist and food writer from Tel Aviv, who just happens to love pork and knows that there are many “Bacon Freaks” living in Israel that feel exactly the same way, but due to public pressure, family shame, and social convention, hide their “Baconism” and publicly shy from trying to cook with pork, even in the sanctuary and seclusion of their own home, because they simply have no idea what it is or how to cook with it due to the half century of religious taboo.
“People are reluctant to cook pork at home,” said Dr. Landau, who is not an observant Jew. “I want to make it easier for chefs and personal cooks to bring it home and to the menus. If that happens, I’ll be more than happy.”
In conclusion, Dr. Landau explains that he hopes his book will resonate with young people who have become less observant Jew, and with his peers who have embraced an internationalist perspective.
“It was not possible 20 years ago,” Dr. Landau said. “In 20 or 30 years, it will be a natural thing. I don’t think I will be around to see it.”


The fact that this man is not just a DOCTOR, but actually a highly successful, well respected and much sought CARDIOLOGIST is a very strong “Thumbs UP” to many of the new breed of open minded University Researchers, Nutritionists and Doctors across the globe who are now telling the world that Bacon has a LOT of very powerful health benefits that should be openly discussed and announced world wide.

Thank you Dr, Landau! A “10 Snout Salute” & sincere toast of Cheers to you Sir!

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  • Non-Muslim Gentile says:

    I’m a non-Muslim gentile.I happen to have a colon,prostate,and gall bladder.There is a history of colon cancer in my family. Therefore,I try to eat a low fat diet.I like bacon.I also like roast duck,but neither of these items is a regular part of my diet. Being of Irish descent,I’m not really into cooking.I don’t even know how long I’d have to boil or bake a potatoe.There’s another item not a regular part of my diet;I’m trying to loose weight.During the 90’s,I was a patient of Atkins.I consider myself very lucky I didn’t get a cancerous colon or prostate.Or a least gallstones.All non-Islamic gentiles don’t have bacon for breakfast in America.Many don’t even eat breakfast.Some are vegetarians.One problem with bacon(or any fatty cooking) is the grease can clog up your kitchen sink drain.You may also have prostate cancer the next time your doctor puts his/her finger up your ass.Colon cancer will involve the surgical removal,of yards of your intestines.If it mestasizes(spreads)that will be a real problem.Who needs gallstones?Besides doctors who remove them.

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