Popular Plates Magazine Honors Bacon Freak

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Popular Plates magazine  just released the new version of their “Comfort Food” Edition and to nobody’s surprise at all, the good folks over at Bacon Freak were proudly spotlighted for a scrumptiously sizzling and deliriously delicious feature of Gourmet Chef, Rick Bayless’s “Bacon Avocado Mango Salad” in their popular, pork powered “Bacon Freak Cookbook!”

This is awesome news, as we’re talking about a compact and complete, collaborative culinary collection of the most comforting cuisine concoctions available on this fair and fine planet, everything from some of the most elegant and sophisticated fare, to those menu items that are a lot more down home and down to Earth.

If it’s a food that brings solace to the soul and comforts our consciousness while soothing our stomachs, then it’s likely to be included in this epicurean encyclopedia of excellence!

Chef Rick, a true and dedicated “Baconista” in every possible sense of the word, has long been know for wearing his famous Bacon Freak, “Bacon Is Meat Candy” T-shirt on TV and during other public appearances.

So it was only a matter of time that they would officially “link” (pun intended) arms and work together and the “Bacon Freak Cookbook” was the “pork perfect” place to do so.

Now Popular Plates magazine is honoring that awesome association, by giving both Chef Bayless and BaconFreak.com their props for supplying what they present has some of the best “Comfort Food” brought to the fore over the past year.

If that’s not good news enough, Bacon Freak has just announced plans to release its 2nd bacon oriented book, which is currently still under wraps as a work in progress, but is scheduled to be released soon, so we’ll keep our ears to the ground and listen for a farm friendly, barnyard stampede when that baby gets released as well.

The magazine went on sale at newsstands on the 5th of October and can be found in all the major food, grocery and magazine chains, from Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble and Borders to Costco, Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes.

Meanwhile, if you want to see what all the ‘hubbub’s” about with your own eyes, from the comfort and convenience of your very own computer or electronic reader, check it out for yourself right here.

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  • larry knight says:

    I found 2 of your magazine in Wal-Mart and fell in love with the magazine. I,m trying to get someone to call me and let me how to subscribe to them and how much.

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