5 Wackiest Bacon Combinations

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Recently I started thinking about what I thought might be the wackiest things to combine with Bacon. First I came up with some ideas, none of which I thought would actually exist. But the world of instant information and sharing proved yet again that anything is possible and that bacon lovers think that bacon can and will go with everything. Below I list my original five combinations and if I found real examples of them somewhere in cyber space.

5. Bacon Pop Tarts

Think about it, Bacon is for breakfast and Pop Tarts are for breakfast. Why not combine them? Originally I was thinking maybe something like a strawberry bacon pop tart, though I wasn’t sure how much that would work. Then after some more thought, I concluded a bacon maple Pop Tart maybe with some brown sugar frosting would be delicious. My plan would be to have the bacon actually baked into the golden crust with the maple syrup, just like any other normal Pop Tart.

I wasn’t the only one to have this idea, though one of the examples that I found online involved just bacon placed on top of a strawberry Pop Tart. Watch what they thought below:

Bacon Pop Tarts

4. Bacon Twinkies

Again an idea that might not work outside of theory but bacon smothered in vanilla cream and wrapped in deep fried dough might be delicious. A great way to try this would be to buy a few twinkies, cut them in half and heat up some bacon to push into the middle of the cut up twinkes. I haven’t tried it quiet yet but I think it might be a must soon. When looking to see if anyone else had the idea, I found twinkies wrapped in bacon. Amusingly there was a Stone Hedge Twinkie Bacon picture that made me laugh.

3. Bacon S’mores

Graham Cracker, chocolate, bacon and marshmallow all together in a melting warm gooey mess. Part of me even wants to take it a step further and try it with a Reese’s peanut butter cup, bacon, marshmallow and graham cracker. Apparently, I’m not as creative or singularly brillant as I had hoped becuase even this idea had been thought of before. Even more often than the previous two, so great minds must think alike.

The great thing about so many others thinking about the Bacon S’more before me is that they have provided us with so many options for how to go about creating this new favorite. Here are just a few other places that suggest ways to create a bacon S’more


A Bacon S’more Cassarole (Yeah, you read correctly)

2. Bacon Bananas Fosters

For a bright second, I believed this was my claim to individual greatness. But alas, I was just commonly misspelling banana. There were variations of this as welll, one in particular featuring carmelized bacon with bananas, ice cream and carmel. My personal addition to this concept though is maybe using a combination of Bacon Freak’s Bourboun Street Combination. Cajun and Vanilla Bacon in bananas foster? Yes, delicious. At least, it sounds it. I have yet to try this particular combination quite yet but one day when I have time to dedicate to brown sugar, bacon and bananas.

1. Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies

Now my self esteem reached a whole new low, as my individual nature and creative spirit realized that maybe all ideas have been thought before. But nevertheless, we must trudge on. A bacon chocolate chip cookie, this tops my list because it is both simplistic in nature and utterly wacky to me.

This like the other four has variations present all over the internet. Some cookies bake with bacon on top, maybe even over some maple syrup. Others bake the bacon right into the cookie. It’s all about preference, personality to your wacky combinations is just as important as taste. Here is a reciepe for Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Whatever your wacky combination, what you add bacon shows the world what kind of person you are and want to be. Are you adapt to stay in your comfort zone and only eat bacon in normal places like pizzas and sandwiches. Or are you about providing comfort in familiar places and adding bacon to your chocolate chip cookies. Maybe you’re about trying your hand at adventure and deep frying  bacon into homemade twinkies. Or you’re an outdoor type with your bacon s’mores. Don’t worry any of your combinations say something about you, about what you like and how you work in this world. Even when you dip your bacon into your maple syrup, we all know you’re showing off your love for baccon while effectively letting everyone know you have a sweet tooth and aren’t afraid to show it!

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