Preparing For Hog Heaven As National Bacon Day Is September 4th

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Just because the calendar on the wall and all those “Back To School” advertisements that are splattering and smattering up the TV, radio, newspaper and magazines are telling you that summer is coming to an end, don’t you dare believe for a millisecond that the savory, seductive sizzle is about to drizzle and fizzle!

Heck NO – We Won’t Go! National Bacon Day is just around the corner and thousands upon thousands of people are preparing for a party that will officially “pignite” a flame that will warm the hearts and send out that intoxicating “sweet and salty, always sultry aroma” throughout the entire land as a part of this full blown “Celebration of The Bacon Nation!”

That’s right, often mistakenly referred to as “International Bacon Day,” in the United States; “National Bacon Day” is always held on the Saturday preceding “Labor Day,” which is the first Monday of September.

The reason that this isn’t actually a literal “International Celebration,” is that, while it is true that there are several countries across the globe “DO” celebrate their own “National Bacon Day” on the exact same date as the United States, there are in fact, some nations that chose to celebrate the Holiday on December 30th as well as other countries who let their “Bacon Freak” flag fly on the first Saturday in January, so while there definitely will be a LOT of deliciously delectable bacon being served up all throughout the world, the holiday itself, is not truly international.

But that doesn’t put a damper on our fun and according to reports coming in from all over the country, from Washington to Florida, from California to Maine, from Minnesota to Texas and every wonderful state in between, there are so gigantic celebrations planned for in cities large and small, metropolitan and rural.

You definitely don’t want to miss out on this years “Big Bacon Bonanza” coming to a location near you, so be sure to check up on “Everything Bacon” going on wherever you may be on that deliriously delightful day! Click over to our official “Bacon Events” Page that allows dedicated “Baconators and Baconettes” just like you to list all of the vital statistics and pertinent details of bacon events taking place all over this big bacony country of ours.

Celebrate, pig-out, enjoy!

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