Snook City Limits – Home Of The Ten Gallon Hat & Chicken Fried Bacon.

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There are absolutely no signs of the clogging of the community’s arteries “Deep In The Heart Of Texas” … specifically a little town called “Snook” (population 568) located in the Big Ole’ State Of Texas.

For many years we’d heard tell of all “them there rumors” about the deliriously delicious “Chicken Fried Bacon” but never actually caught a whiff nor saw with our own two eyes till now. OK, we are now proud converts and believers.

Yep, Chicken Fried bacon, clear as day, being dipped in gravy, dressing, even syrup, eaten all by itself, or as a wonderful side dish to go along with “heapin’ helping”” of eggs, pancakes, or even more bacon, ham and / or sausage

Praise the “Lard” and let’s get to eatin’ them vittles like “thars” no tomorrow!

Hey, if you think were spinning and yarn and you jest don’t believe us, then take a “look-see” at this video proof right here!

OK then, time to dig in and pig out to your hearts content, my fellow Bacon Freaks!

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  • Aaron says:

    I’ve been to Snook about 20 times for chicken fried bacon. It was only 90 miles away when I lived in Austin and ‘s a 180 mile drive each way from where I am now and it’s always worth it.

    Nobody eats it with eggs and pancakes though, that’s not the way to go! You crumble your chicken fried bacon over a big salad or get it on the side with your 2LB chicken fried steak (which is called the “Extra Small” which is also what they call the smallest steak they sell that still takes up a giant plate. They sell steaks by the pound. No ounces anywhere on the menu. The “Regular” takes up two plates. The first time I went I got a “regular” chicken fried steak, and if they didn’t cut it in half and put it on two plates, you could use it as a saddle. The best part is that it’s under $10 and comes with all the sides.

    Sodolak also owns a lot of cattle and a meat processing company, so that’s how they keep the prices so low on the steaks!

    But back to chicken fried bacon…It’s not your average bacon. It’s just the right thickness, and it’s super long and fried crispy! If you get chicken fried bacon in other states, it’s not the same! Other states have to call it “country fried” because it’s only “chicken fried” if it’s served with peppered cream gravy. I’ve tried “chicken fried” food from the east to the west and no other state gets it right!

  • I am not sure who came first or which may be considered “home of” but I’ve done a review on a chicken-fried bacon offering here in Seattle, should anyone care to partake.

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