Scientists Proclaims “Bacon Sandwich” The Ultimate Hangover Cure!

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According to the latest scientific research done in the U.K. and just released by the Toronto Sun, if you or someone that you know is looking for a sure fire way to quickly get over a “hang-over’ before heading to the office or simply trying to enjoy your day after a night of perhaps just a bit too much drinking, your very best friend in all the world is the much beloved “Bacon Sandwich!”

How many times have we found ourselves in the shower the next day trying to negotiate a quick and well meaning deal with our personal “higher power” or “supreme being” in charge of the universe, hoping, praying and begging with promises to do “this and that” and never drink again, in order to avoid the horrific sense of being simultaneously and mercilessly kicked in the head and the gut by a raging bronco.

If only there was a scientifically proven, tried, tested and true way to put a sudden end to the onslaught of aggravatingly intensified sounds, lights, and generic irritations, impaired judgment, blurry vision, pounding headache, nausea, weakness and the over-all feeling of total and complete “icky-sicky-osity!”

Well count your blessings my friend, because according to the findings just released by researchers at world renowned and respected Newcastle University located in the United Kingdom, the popular British “Bacon Butty” or American “Bacon Sandwich stands aching head and tense shoulders above all other potential cures for fully curing a hangover.

“Bingeing on alcohol depletes brain neurotransmitters but bacon, which is rich in protein, contains amino acids that top these up and make you feel better,” explains Elin Roberts of Newcastle University.

This chimes in quite nicely with what famous British Chef, Jamie Oliver has been quoted as saying, as he comments that …when he’s hung-over, “I wouldn’t normally go for fried stuff, but in the case of a hangover I recommend a double portion of eggs and bacon.”

The University researchers themselves were actually quite amazed to discover that not only the actual consumption of the bacon sandwiches or bacon and eggs with toast meal immediately helped to cure the hangover, but simply the mere act of just smelling the bacon cooking, actually begins the healing process, long before the meal is in one’s mouth.

The science at work, behind the tantalizing smell of bacon causing the hangover to begin dissipating involves the effect on the human body when you have the specific, particular amino acids and sugars released into the air when heated above 150 degrees centigrade. This creates a physiological effect known to scientists studying the effects of nutrition on the human body, as “The Maillard Reaction!”

So what do we need to do to “avoid hangovers” to begin with … and to cure them if we do fall prey to that hideous hang-over hiatus? Obviously the first step is to be smart make sure that you eat a full, healthy, protein and carbohydrate rich meal before drinking, like a delicious bacon sandwich.

Then be wise and carefully regulate your intake of alcohol and avoid mixing alcohols. If you start drinking white wine, don’t suddenly switch over to red and if you are drinking white liquor, don’t suddenly switch over to brown, and visa versa.

Remember that a big part of the hangover experience is caused by dehydration (yes, drinking will most definitely dehydrate your body, even if it “IS” a liquid. So be sure to drink plenty of water throughout the night and first thing upon rising in the morning.
Most hangover symptoms fall in line with dehydration and lack of sleep. Sleep well, drink a tall glass of water before bed and eat a good breakfast when you wake up.

Many people choose to take a couple of aspirin or ibuprofen before going to bed to attack the potential headache before it has a chance to attack YOU!

Then be sure to get yourself a nice, big, hot breakfast of Bacon and Eggs, either in a sandwich or in a meal, that can also include cheese, beans and any other high protein, high amino acid food to start putting back into your body all of the important nutrients that drinking “too much” can rob your body of and make you weak an sick.

Once again, science proves yet another catastrophe where it’s “Bacon To The Rescue!”

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