People in Canada Choose Bacon Over Sex

June 18, 2010 1:00 pm Published by 79 Comments


The people of Canada sure love their bacon. In a recent survey conducted by Maple Leaf Foods, 43% of the respondents said they would rather have bacon than sex. Are you surprised? If you’re a daily reader of Bacon Today the answer is probably no. In fact, you’re probably asking a question of your own — Canadian or Traditional bacon? Sadly, the survey was not that specific.

Some other interesting findings in the survey:

  • Move over High Karate…23% of men ranked bacon as their number one favorite fragrance
  • Four out of five respondents (82%) who said they love bacon also said they are good lovers
  • Nearly one in four of respondents (23%) wondered if ‘my partner loves bacon more than me’

How about you? If you had to chose, would your choice be bacon or sex? Hmmmm….


Bacon Marriage Proposal


About the Maple Leaf For the Love of Bacon survey:
From December 1 to December 2, 2009, Angus Reid Public Opinion conducted a survey among 1,006 randomly selected Canadian adults who are Angus Reid Forum panelists. The margin of error – which measures sampling variability – is +/- 3.1%. The results of the online survey have been statistically weighted according to the most current education, age, gender and region Census data to ensure samples representative of the entire adult population of Canada.
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  • esk says:

    who says you can’t combine the two hobbies, hm? although that’s been covered before here, hasn’t it.

  • VCB says:

    Strip bacon or Back bacon? It would matter.

  • slat25 says:

    Bacon? Come on now. It’s good but not that good!

  • Mark says:

    If 43% choose bacon over sex, then 57% choose sex over bacon. If this study were conducted, and 1% of people chose bacon over sex, would you still have the headline read as it does, because you may as well… it’s not inaccurate, just misleading.

  • FUCK YEAH USA says:

    you mean ham LOLOL faggy Canadians . USA USA!

  • jb says:

    that just means sex comes easier then bacon in Canada…

  • Fuck YA Canadian Bacon says:

    USA USA USA Beastiality
    want some more of horse cock?
    dog cock?
    you fucking yankee
    obese american fucking pigs

  • Fuck yeah USA? says:

    To the idiot above me, in Canada we have ham, bacon, and Canadian bacon. I prefer bacon – which is the same as bacon is in the US. So please, shut the hell up with your partisan bullshit.

  • HijinX2 says:

    Broke American… Go play with your Tea Party, dirty redneck

    • Fred Azbell says:

      We went broke getting our heart disease treated because we didn’t have health insurance like our Canuck cousins. Unfortunately, the financial health of a good portion of the world relies on the health of the American economy. That’s like walking a tightrope over a pool of alligators.

  • Jim Watson says:

    As long as the bacon is crispy, so would I.


  • bonggg says:

    this is a clever pr ploy

  • Jack says:

    Only Americans call it ‘Canadian Bacon’. In Canada, it’s just ‘Back Bacon’ or ‘Peameal Bacon’. BTW, ‘Canadian Bacon’ is an American term.

  • Bacon or Bust says:

    Considering that 60% of Canadians are classified as overweight, with 18% being obese this makes sense. The 18% just never get laid due to the physical difficulties in actually having sex, not to mention the difficulties in actually attracting a sex partner, and i would guess that a good percent of the overweight ones probably rarely have sex. Thus making bacon a viable option. I would bet that chocolate, mcdonalds, and other crap would probably rank up quite high as well with these same people . . . . good thing we have made advances in cloning if this trend continues . . .

  • Bacon or Bust says:

    I have decided I could be wrong, and am prepared to sign up to the blind taste test just to make sure . . .

  • jcm says:

    yeah, fuck usa!

    age should be a factor here….

  • Snoozi says:

    It’s HAI Karate…

  • Say what?! says:

    I cannot even believe this is a survey. For real?? Wow, I prefer sex over bacon any day. Those who don’t, I think need some psychological help. Yikes!!

  • george castanza says:

    i find the salted cured meats the most sensual of all the meats

  • Pounding Bacon says:

    I have sex with my bacon. When the heat from my meat starts to warm the bacon strips wrapped around it, it create’s a nice oozing oil that satisfies me. I also use chip clips to fasten strips of warm bacon to my nipples while i anally pound myself with an oscar meyer footlong weiner. Food Sex is the best. I am an American and I approve this message

  • I'm not obese says:

    Not all of Americans are obese, stereotyping, dumbass, fag-hating rednecks….a good portion of us are, yes, but I’m not. Some days I’m not proud to be an American. Bacon over sex, though? Really?

  • MikeHunt says:

    Wow, you people actually believe that this survey was answered truthfully? Cuz yeah, the internet is serious business. I probably would have said bacon too just for the lulz. And remember. Haters are your biggest fans. ^_^)b One more thing. There will always be this competition of which country is best. Canada has it’s pros and cons. So does the US. No one is perfect. Some people need to step down from their ego pedestal and find something productive to do with their lives. Yea, bacon is good! But I wouldn’t chose it over sex.


  • Chance says:

    @Jack. Yeah, Canadian bacon is a term like a lot of others that the Americans make up for us, or anything not quite them. For them, Hockey is Ice Hockey, not to mention the exclusion of french terms that happens here and there. I’m looking at you, Freedom Fries.

  • Zahnfee says:

    Three words…




  • Obese_and_proud says:

    Bacon or sex? I say put those two together, chum…

  • Van der Sanden says:

    Either they are having really bad sex or eating extremely tasty bacon.

  • General Bacon says:

    “GET UP AND DO SOMETHING PRODUCTIVE WITH YOUR LIVES!” such a cliche, overused statement. seeing as you’re posting here too, perhaps you should take your own advice. P.S. Chance: Hockey is Hockey here; unless you’re one of those pussies that do floor hockey and field hockey. North America FTW (minus mexico)

  • Eatapedia says:

    Hey Zahnfee: Why do you think I keep a mug of bacon fat in the fridge?

  • canada ftw says:

    to IM Not Obese….u call us stereotyping when u call us rednecks even when the good majority of us are, in fact, not rednecks where as even americans recognise there is an obesity crisis…point being dont be too quick to judge. Matthew 7:1 “judge not lest ye be judged” and to general bacon: whats wrong with mexico? many of my friends are mexican and they are very nice

  • Dick says:

    What the hell man, seriously? I like bacon but I would not pass up sex for it.

  • The Pope... From TV says:

    BACON SEX. Mm yeah.

  • Ma Bacon says:

    a garnish of bacon bits on satin sheets.
    (most sacred desire)

  • Phukov says:

    I do something with my life, but still find time to enjoy bacon twice a month. All the bacon haters with their “tell everyone how to run their lives” agendas and self-induced bacon denial masochism can go back to their ineffective lives and dream more of forcing others to think as they do-eliminating the temptation of bacon because they lack the control over their own bacon desires and project that weakness upon the rest of us.

    However, other ignorant comments here show the need for a Bacon Summit where Americans and Canadians get together to standardize and understand our respective bacon cultures. Our peoples are not that different-we all understand the importance of that magical creature from which bacon is derived. Political power mongering from our “leadership” and differences in brand names must be swept aside for the greater sizzling good.

    And together, we must stand against those who hate the bacon, who hide their intolerance behind ‘science’ and ‘religion’, using their health care mandates to enforce their unnatural animosity.

    Peace thru Pork! Better living thru Bacon! 🙂

  • Sassalicious says:

    of course, I prefer both, but it is a tough choice if forced to make it! At work our code word for sex is bacon, because when you can’t get one of them, the other is usually a satisfactory substitute 😉

    “Oh my GOD I had the best bacon last night!”

  • William says:

    I’ll go with the sex but bacon is very important.

    and who gives a dam if we call it Canadian bacon? Do you understand that I can go YEARS on end without even thinking about Canada? Ya think? And by the way Canadians did it ever cross your mind that comparisons [USA] stink? Get psychological help.

  • American but loves a Canadian says:

    I love bacon…but sex comes first then bacon for breakfast eh? 😉

  • PORKER says:

    Why you cruel people!

    HOW CAN YOU KILL US…for your own,selfish gustatory pleasure?

    We don’t kill HUMANS (including some of you sub-humans), do we?
    (Albeit some of my wild cousins have been known to make serious attempts at same,occaisonally being successfull)!

    But that story can get a bit boaring…

    Leave us in peace!

    STOP the porcine holocaust!!

    There’s something that’s just not kosher about this whole website of ham lovin,pork eating.
    bacon sniffing pig killers!

    I SAY it’s time to be revolting,brothers!!


    Can’t we all just get along? (:@(

    PS: Stop calling us “the other white meat”.

  • mmmmmmbacon says:

    Im moving to canada, where the bacon is as fine as the ladys then!

  • Monta says:

    What are they smoking up north?

  • james says:

    well to be fair, it IS canadian bacon, so i can see why

    • bacon tenders says:

      No offense but fuck Canadian bacon, at least as it compares to regular bacon. Canadian bacon is just ham that thinks to much of itself

    • No such thing as Canadian bacon says:

      In Canada, there is no such thing as Canadian bacon…it’s something you Yanks dreamed up. Those round bacon/ham slices are sometimes referred to as peameal bacon, but it’s not something commonly eaten up here.

  • Teen Kasia says:

    Loving the design, how did you get you blog to look like this. Plus its very well written. THANKS

  • Teen Kasia says:

    I really like your post, thank you for sharing it.

  • PsychoDad says:

    Well, be fair, the average Canadian female is a fat-arsed caribou by the time she’s legal.

  • Phil says:

    Anwering that question as it is worded is a no-brainer. I would much rather have bacon. But if you ask me to choose between bacon and making love with my wife, that would be a no-brainer also. After, we would enjoy lots of bacon !

  • as says:

    I think usa fuck canada and canada like bacon. ?t’s defintly narutal situation.

  • Canadian says:

    In Canada we don’t call ‘Canadian Bacon’ bacon, that’s just an American thing. Safe to say they were talking about normal bacon.

  • zuul says:

    When you get laid as regularly as us Canadians do, you can appreciate the finer things in life. Like bacon.

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