Bacon Fail at Sonic

Traveling for business often means scrambling for bacon wherever you can get some. In our travels we’ve tried the bacon various fast food restaurants: Wienerschnitzel, Tim Horton’s, Burger King, Hardee’s and Sonic to name just a few.

One place that really impressed us with their fast-food bacon was Sonic. We enjoyed their bacon so much in fact we built a grilled cheese and bacon sandwich with 30 slices of bacon. Unfortunately, the next bacon we got from Sonic was not so splendid.

Here’s how the morning went down when I got my Sonic breakfast. I ordered the CroisSONIC™ Breakfast Sandwich, but the particular Sonic I want to was out of croissants. So I opted for the BREAKFAST TOASTER® with bacon instead. Take a look at the photos above. The bread was torn and rather soggy and upon opening the sandwich only a few torn, beat-up looking specks of bacon were present. Those tiny pieces of bacon were overcooked and not very tasty either.

In fact, I even ordered a side of bacon and the guy behind the microphone said “uh, I don’t see a place to order a side of bacon here so uh, I’ll just give you some extra bacon.” I never received that extra bacon and boy did my sandwich need some bacon help.

I’ll give Sonic the benefit of the doubt and try their bacon again but this bacon lover, while not quite scorned, hath shed a single salty tear.

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