Deep Fried Bacon – For Reals!

May 5, 2009 12:01 am Published by 8 Comments

BT reader James B brings us this next story and it’s so good, I’m not even going to try to rewrite it.


Here’s a foreward, though…

Anyone who has checked out the American State/County Fair scene in the past ten years or so has certainly encountered the love affair that Heartland America is having with deep fried foods. Snickers bars, Twinkies, corn, cheesecake; the list goes on. If you can dream it, someone will find a way to batter and deep fry it.

James B took a trip to Sodolak’s Country Inn and partook in a delicious meal of deep fried bacon. In his own words, “Those who expect the extreme, the chic or the vulgar are bound to be disappointed by what is little more than an appetizer, albeit a calorically prodigious one. The process behind this dish couldn’t be more transparent: Coat six strips of raw, thin-sliced bacon in lightly seasoned batter. Deep fry. Serve hot.”

That sounds like a recipe we can all get behind. 

For the whole, amazing story, check out The Eaten Path blog.


— Mike

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  • Patrick says:

    Once again scotland leads the way. We’ve had battered deep fried confectionery, burgers and pizzas for over 20 years. Never seen bacon though.

  • jonny says:

    what the fuck do you mean scotland leads the way? you ever heard of the chicago state fair?

  • baconator says:

    The Texas state fair, you mean jonny? Always a plethora of delightfully misused and deep fried items of varying degrees of deliciousness.

    Sodolak’s is good, but out there. completely awesome stuff, though. Also, try their pork chops or chicken fried steak…just don’t plan on eating for a few days after all that.

  • Mike says:

    I had to try this IMMEDIATELY after hearing about chicken fried bacon about a year ago. My fist attempt to make it came out quite awful. Second was dead on. The trick is the bacon is salty enough, so no need for further salt in the batter. Leave out the salt, or at least go light on it and this is bacon and gravy heaven.

  • Reg says:

    So what is the batter made out of? Any recipe for the batter??

  • Rob says:

    I have the distinct pleasure of living about 20 min. from Sodolak’s and always have an order of the bacon before my huge steak. When people visit from out of town I will usually take them there and tell them about the bacon. They are hooked after tasting it.

  • Tom Miller says:

    I did this buddies loved it, some say no way not for me, then they try it, and love it.

    This is as good as the bacon bomb, you have to look up the recipe.

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