Deep Fried Bacon – For Reals!

BT reader James B brings us this next story and it’s so good, I’m not even going to try to rewrite it.


Here’s a foreward, though…

Anyone who has checked out the American State/County Fair scene in the past ten years or so has certainly encountered the love affair that Heartland America is having with deep fried foods. Snickers bars, Twinkies, corn, cheesecake; the list goes on. If you can dream it, someone will find a way to batter and deep fry it.

James B took a trip to Sodolak’s Country Inn and partook in a delicious meal of deep fried bacon. In his own words, “Those who expect the extreme, the chic or the vulgar are bound to be disappointed by what is little more than an appetizer, albeit a calorically prodigious one. The process behind this dish couldn’t be more transparent: Coat six strips of raw, thin-sliced bacon in lightly seasoned batter. Deep fry. Serve hot.”

That sounds like a recipe we can all get behind. 

For the whole, amazing story, check out The Eaten Path blog.


— Mike

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