Bacon Blowtorch Cuts Metal With Fire


Popular Science writer Theodore Gray recently embarked on an experiment of supreme bacon significance. He created a “bacon lance” which is a form of “thermal lance” — a device typically made of iron to cut through scrap metal. This is something you just have to see to believe. Flaming bacon cutting through metal. Awesome.

You’ll notice during the video that Mr. Gray states that “it turns out ordinary American bacon does not have the structural integrity for this application.” He went on to call prosciutto “engineering grade bacon”. I think that just proves that prosciutto is inferior in taste to traditional belly bacon…do you agree? I mean come on, how can “engineering grade” taste good?

So I guess the moral of this story is that if the world’s iron supply is suddenly depleted, and we need to cut a bunch of scrap metal, then bacon will come forth to save the day. Or, we could just eat the bacon and forget about our iron deficiency, and set all that leftover prosciutto aflame.

Thanks to @bareknucks, @erong, and @cinnarose for alerting us to this fantastic story!

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