Sexiest Vegetarian?

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Recently, a well-known animal rights organization held a contest. The two winners of that contest each won trips to Hawaii. What was the name of the contest?

Sexiest Vegetarian Next Door 2009

Now Amber, from Minnetonka, Minnesota and Monty from Los Angeles, California will be on their way to the tropical islands of Hawaii, where they will miss out on such great bacon as that found at the aptly named Hawaiian Style Cafe in Waimea where “the bacon was not 2 strips, or 3 or 5, it was a large mound!

Poor Amber and Monty, maybe you two can sneak off and take a secret taste of some crispy, salty meat candy when no one is looking.

Maybe we should start a sexiest bacon lover contest. What do you think? What would the prizes be? How should we judge?

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