Microwave Macaroni and Cheese with Bacon

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My friend Toni gave me a new food to try: Kraft Easy Mac with Bacon. I couldn’t wait to get the stuff home to pop in the microwave and see just how Smastey™ this macaroni and cheese could be.


The mac & cheese looked great as prepared per directions. The first taste was pretty good. Very cheesy with a touch of bacon. There was one thing it needed however…more bacon.


So, I reached for my trusty can of Easy Cheese Cheddar ‘n Bacon to add more cheesy bacon flavor.


Before adding the Easy Cheese Cheddar ‘n Bacon, the Easy Mac & Cheese with Bacon earned a  Smaste™ rating of 28.943. Decent, but nothing spectacular. After adding the Easy Cheese, the Smaste™ rating was bumped up to a level of 31.432. Not a meal you’d want every day, but a good way to get a quick fix of bacon when you’re out of the real stuff.


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