Bacon Vodka

The Brownie Points Blog’s McAuliflower dreamed up bacon vodka one day while working in “the lab”. We don’t know exactly what kind of lab she’s in, but we hope it’s filled floor-to-ceiling with bacon. 

The process actually sounds kind of easy – you take a few strips of fried bacon, put it in a mason jar with some vodka, lock in in a dark place for a few weeks and then strain it through a coffee filter.

Here’s what it looks like…


She suggests using it for bloody marys or giving it away as a gift. I think that the Double Down Saloon should use it in their Bacon Martinis.

Bacon Vodka Recipe

by McAuliflower of the Brownie Points Blog


3 strips delicious bacon

1 pint vodka

Place the bacon strips in a mason jar and fill with vodka. Cap the jar.

Put the jar into a dark cabinet for 3 weeks.

Move jar to freezer to solidify the fat.

Strain vodka through a coffee filter to remove fat. Bacon vodka will be pale yellow.

Decant into decorative bottles and enjoy.


— Mr. B

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