Baconfest 2008 Featuring Bacon Man

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Bacon Man at Baconfest 2008

Recently, we were contacted by Bacon Today reader Amy (AKA NetDiva) with some photos from Baconfest 2008 in San Francisco. What we saw was nothing short of amazing. From bacon stuffed tomatoes to the incomparable Bacon Man, this was THE bacon event of the year.

NetDiva told Bacon Today that “BaconFest is an annual event produced by Otto Von Danger. The venue changes from year to year. It’s an exciting potluck/party where all guests must contribute something with bacon. It drew around one hundred people this year, mostly from the San Francisco Burning Man community. You wouldn’t believe what kinds of creations people come up with!”

We were lucky enough to speak with NetDiva further via email. The following is our conversation:

BT: Is there already a Baconfest 2009 planned?
ND: Yes, it will be October of 2009. Venue is probably TBD at this point.

BT: Baconman — was he born to burn?
ND: Absolutely!

BT: How tall did he stand?
ND: About three feet tall

BT: How was Bacon Man constructed?
ND: My fiance, Steve Gonzales and I came up with the idea and built him at our kitchen table. Our cat and dog sat looking at us like we were completely crazy to be gluing precious bacon rather than eating it. BaconMan was made from around 80 bamboo skewers, 60 hot glue sticks and 8 pounds of bacon. The face was made from weaving raw bacon and then microwaving it in sheets. The rest of the construction was made by first building the frame out of skewers and then gluing on cooked and cooled bacon strips. We used a piece of styrofoam for the base and covered it in fabric.

BT: How long did it take you to build Bacon Man? how long did it take him to burn?
ND: We built him in about ten hours over the course of a Friday night and Saturday afternoon. He burned in just a few seconds –I mean he was completely incinerated almost immediately!

BT: How did you transport Bacon Man to the venue?
ND: We laid him down in the back seat of my car. Steve sat back there with him, holding him. We were pretty happy that only two small bits fell off in transport, which were easily repaired when we got there.

BT: Now, some personal questions. What is your favorite type of bacon (plain, peppered, honey bbq, etc.)?
ND: Good thick hickory bacon!

BT: Rare, Crispy, of Extra Crispy?
ND: Medium. Not over done and not too rare.

BT: What is your favorite food with bacon in/on it?
ND: I make a bacon and smoked gouda variation of macaroni and cheese. People LOVE it!

We’d like to thank NetDiva for giving us such great coverage of Baconfest 2008 and Otto Von Danger for putting on such an incredible event – we’ll definitely be there next year! Photo credits go to Cat Fougere.

More Baconfest 2008 Photos:

Photos of Bacon Man’s construction:

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