Lox: Bacon of the Sea™

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Kosher bacon?

Maybe not.

Kosher Lox?

A staple of any respectable oneg.

Bacon of the Sea™?

Most definitely. 

You see, bacon and lox have a lot in common. They’re both made of meat. They’re both smoked and salty. They’re both pinkish-brown in color. 

And most importantly, they are both unimaginably delicious.

According to YumSugar,(from whence we borrowed the mouth watering picture above) lox is defined as “A cured salmon fillet that is usually sliced super thin. It is most typically served with cream cheese on a bagel. The term is derived from the German word Lachs in German and laks in Yiddish, both meaning salmon. It’s traditionally cured in a brine of water, oil, salt, sugars and spices.”

So grab a friend, get some lox and enjoy this tasty, salty, delicious, nutritious treat that for some unknown reason goes great with a bagel and cream cheese. 

Smaste™ rating: 44.891

— Mike


Photo Credit: http://www.yumsugar.com/494641

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