The Ford Flex is Made for Bacon

October 18, 2008 9:31 am Published by 7 Comments

The word on the street is that Detroit has lost touch with their auto-buying customers. People claim that American cars aren’t reliable and don’t have the features today’s drivers demand.

We saw an ad for the Ford Flex recently and thought…maybe it’s all in the marketing.

Take for example the available “refrigerated console”. In Ford’s official photographs they show the console holding a whopping THREE cans of nondescript cola. Great, that means one can for mom and the 2.5 kids will have to split the others. Sorry dad, you’re out of luck. (CORRECTION: Scott Monty of Ford Motor Company let us know that 7 cans of your favorite beverage can fit in the refrigerated console – its actually quite deep. That’s great news for bacon lovers…more cans = more bacon!)

Now if we were in charge of Ford’s marketing we would suggest that we really go after a niche audience — like bacon lovers! We doctored up this version of the “refrigerated console” and I think you’ll agree the Ford Flex is now worthy of our attention.

Do you think the local Ford dealer will let me stuff raw bacon into the refrigerated console during the test drive? I mean, the spec sheet doesn’t say how much bacon will fit in there…

–Corey James

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