10 (other) Bacon Sites You Should Be Reading

October 7, 2008 1:01 am Published by 4 Comments

This world is too big and beautiful for one site alone to harness all that is bacony and good. We love new and exciting bacon stories and these ten sites are some that we frequent most often. Visit them, bookmark them, and savor all that is bacon on the web.

  1. internationalbaconday.blogspot.com
    The keepers of International Bacon Day give you updates on the tasty meat.
  2. skullsandbacon.blogspot.com
    The name says it all – supercool.
  3. royalbaconsociety.com
    For those who love bacon, royally.
  4. breakfastblogger.com
    More about the joy of breakfast, but bacon often makes cameos.
  5. baconshow.blogspot.com
    Promising “one bacon recipe per day, every day, forever”.
  6. mrbaconpants.com
    “Bacon lover, beer enthusiast, tech connoisseur, variety commentator”.
  7. bacon.reddit.com
    The sub-Reddit of Reddit dedicated to “Bacon, ’nuff said”.
  8. baconfreak.com
    The official site of Rocco “Boss Hog’s” amazing bacon and now Bacon Jerkey!
  9. baconsaltblog.com
    Justin & Dave’s chronicles of the “make it taste like bacon” seasoning.
  10. baconunwrapped.com
    Heather’s blog is one of the originals and still one of the best.

What are your favorite bacon sites?

we got this idea from The Brothers Brick via Mona on Twitter


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