Scallop-Wrapped Bacon

September 21, 2008 12:01 pm Published by 3 Comments

Sure, a lot of people make bacon-wrapped scallops, but I just wouldn’t be a true bacon lover if I didn’t do things the right way. I used an extra sharp knife to slice the raw scallops quite thin and then sauteed it on low heat in some olive oil. At the same time, I fried up some thin sliced bacon and cooked it just enough — not too crispy.

Once the bacon was cooked I rolled it up tight and wrapped the scallop around the roll of bacon. Holding the wrap together with a couple toothpicks, I stepped back and realized had just created a flower-like appetizer fit for any occasion. Now I know what’s going to get our next party started!

–Mr. B.

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  • Mike says:

    Mr. B, you have done it again. I’m so impressed with your bacon cooking prowess. This looks like a great addition to the bacon recipe book.

    What was the Smaste™ rating?

  • Mr. B. says:

    Well Mike, this was a pre-Smaste™ recipe but if I had to guess I’d give it a Smaste™ rating in the low 40’s. Using an entire slice of bacon inside a single scallop was a bit overwhelming to the Smaste™.

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