Rabbi Hates Bacon

July 17, 2008 4:21 am Published by 5 Comments

No sooner did we put up our Bacon Hotline (+1 303.536.5191) than we got a call from an angry rabbi in New York. Rabbi Schlogle (sorry if I spelled that wrong Rabbi) left us a message explaining his disgust with BaconToday.com and well, bacon in general.

The Rabbi informed us that he feels the preparation of bacon is horrible. We know this because he used the “horrible” no less that five times in a single phone call.

We’re sorry you feel the way you do about bacon Rabbi Schlogle. We certainly hope you can respect our right to choose our favorite food and our favorite food is most certainly tasty, tasty bacon.

Take a listen to the voicemail:

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  • Dear Rabbi,

    Not to start a religious war in cyberspace, but please keep your anti-swine comments to yourself. As a pastor for more than a decade, I can tell you my congregation often enjoys a hearty meal that includes among other items pigs feet, hogs balls and delicious BACON!

    Please do not rain our pork parade.

  • compass says:

    This guy doesn’t sound very intelligent. Does he really think we “take these pieces of bacon out of their bodies”? Bacon is cut from the exterior parts of a hog! Duh. He’s probably not a rabbi, or maybe not even jewish. I suspect he was claiming his jewdom to make us take him seriously. Who the hell actually says “oy veh” anyway?

  • bacon says:

    This Rabbi hates bacon!

    Rub some bacon on it!

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