1lb BLT!

June 19, 2009 12:01 am Published by 5 Comments

In the great tradition of people eating tons of bacon in a single sitting comes this video of three gentlemen who took a tip from a passenger on a plane and went to find a massive BLT.

Birch Run, MI is home to Tony’s, which is home to the now famous 1lb BLT. We only get to see a single bite in this video, but what a bite it is.


Have any of you been to this restaurant? I’d like to see more. Post a video of your 1lb BLT and send us the link so we can share it with the whole bacon community.

Special thanks to Art K. for sending us the link to this one.

— Mike

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  • Thrasher says:

    That sandwich would be 10x better if it was only a BL.

    Still awesome, though.

  • baconi says:

    The T is indeed overrated, inconsistent in taste, and, technically, takes away room for more bacon.

  • GreatSandwiches says:

    You cannot have a BLT without the T! That’s like saying “PB&J would be better without the J” -No WAY!! Got to keep the T!

  • Kyle says:

    Heck who needs the L, the T, or the bread. Can’t we just have a B and of course wrap it in bacon?

  • fuzzyizmit says:

    Ha! I have been to Tony’s… but it was for breakfast. The pile of bacon my plate (along with what seemed like a half a loaf of toasted bread and a half dozen eggs) was like taking the giant buffet tin full of bacon and dumping it on my plate. It was wonderful!

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