10 Thanksgiving Bacon Ideas

Happy Thanksgiving to all our U.S. readers!

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To honor the holiday, we’ve dug up 10 Thanksgiving-related bacon recipes from around the web. If you happen to try any of these, let us know.

  1. Stuff that bird with style:
    Bacon, Mushroom, & Oyster Stuffing
  2. Don’t worry, your kids will eat them:
    Bacon Brussle Spouts
  3. Salty & Fruity:
    Bacon-Apple Stuffing
  4. Swap chicken for turkey and we’ve got a winner:
    Bacon-Wrapped Drumsticks
  5. Start that meal off right:
    Greens with bacon and avocado dressing
  6. What’s Thanksgiving without a cheese log?
    Cheese mobis with bacon, spinach, garlic, and roasted pine nuts
  7. Smash those taters:
    Bacon smashed red potatoes
  8. White (meat) Wrapper:
    Bacon-wrapped turkey with pear cider gravy
  9. Still not stuffed?
    Bacon and bourbon stuffing
  10. When the party’s over:
    Leftover Turkey, Sweet Potato and Bacon Chowder

This one goes to 11:
If you’re looking for a good pre-meal snack (and you can get them imported), make sure you have some turkey & bacon flavored crisps (potato chips) from Walkers. These look very intriguing to a bacon lover around the holiday season.

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