Best Bacon Cocktails

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Bloody mary cocktail with bacon and celery, selective focus

Bloody mary cocktail with bacon and celery, selective focus

Best Bacon Cocktails

Bacon can be incorporated into nearly every food — from salads and sandwiches to donuts and jam. The newest and tastiest bacon culinary trend has moved into the realm of cocktails. There are a number of outrageous cocktails out there, and this cured-meat variety of drink is right up your alley. Here are some of the most delicious bacon cocktails layered in flavors that’ll delight your tastebuds.

The Bloody Best

A cocktail created by Atlanta’s bar, The Nook, is described as a “meal in a cup.” Featured on ApartmentGuide’s blog and UrbanDaddy, this meat-heavy take on the Bloody Mary includes a skewer of steak and tater tots, a skewer of peppers and blue-cheese-stuffed olives, rimed with a hardboiled egg and a piece of toast. The cocktail is garnished with a piece of bacon and served with a beef straw. Though ingredient-heavy, it is easy to make at home. Take 16oz of bloody mary mix, your preferred ratio of vodka and all the garnishes listed. It’ll simultaneously take on the roles of a breakfast cocktail and breakfast entree.

Jalapeno Bacon Margarita

Inspired by jalapeno bacon poppers, this margarita combines two bold flavors harmoniously. The drink recipe includes 2oz of Tanteo Jalapeno tequila, ½oz triple sec, ½ oz of Torani Bacon syrup, and 1oz lime juice. Believe it or not, the flavored-syrup is both kosher and vegan. This drink is ideal for those who love the flavor of bacon, though have a diet that may restrict it. You can serve the margarita with a salt- or bacon-rimmed glass and garnish with jalapeno or lime.

Maple Bacon Martini

One of the most wonderful flavor combinations is bacon and maple syrup. This drink highlights the marriage between bacon and maple in a creamy, mouth-watering way. The martini is cream-based with 1½ oz of half and half and includes 2 oz vanilla vodka, ½ oz maple syrup and a slice of bacon. Pour all contents into a shaker, shake and strain. Enhance the bacon flavor with bacon-flavored vodka or a bacon bits rim.

Eggs & Bacon

Originating at the Santa Monica restaurant, FIG, and featured on The Daily Meal, this cocktail includes 1½oz bacon-infused vodka, 1 oz fresh egg whites, ½ oz lemon juice and ½ oz orange blossom honey syrup. Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake well. The egg white in the cocktail will create a foamy float at the top. You can garnish the drink with a piece of cooked bacon. This drink is low calorie at just 151 calories per serving.

Bacon-Infused Vodka

Save some money and make your own bacon-infused vodka. Your own bacon vodka will impress your friends. The recipe requires one bottle of vodka, one package of bacon, a large glass jar, a mesh strainer and coffee filters. Cut the bacon into one-inch pieces and cook. Dump all of the bacon, including the grease, into your large jar. Pour the bottle of vodka into the jar and once the jar reaches room temperature, place it into the freezer for four hours. Remove the jar from the freezer, remove the layer of fat and strain contents into a mesh strainer that’s placed over a large bowl. Repeat the straining process with coffee filters, until liquid is fairly clear. Place back in freezer and strain again the next day. Your bacon vodka is ready for your enjoyment and should be stored in the freezer.

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